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Why Cubing?

"Since Caleb has started cubing a few weeks ago, we have noticed that he is becoming more confident in himself. He is excited to come home and share his progress with us. He would talk about how other students would ask him to show them how to do it and would tell him how cool he was. He was focusing on something that wasn't a screen and would stimulate his mind. For Caleb, this was a big deal. Caleb was diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety this past summer. He struggled to focus on tasks and never felt like he belonged to anything. He tried sports and orchestra, but nothing would stick for him. He struggled with social etiquette and struggled connecting with others. Cubing has helped him find a way to connect with other people. It has made him excited for the future and being a part of something bigger in life. When I asked Caleb how he felt since starting, he said "it makes me feel good when people tell me how cool it is and how they could never do that. When they ask me to show them, and they think I'm cool." When I asked what his favorite part was, he said 'finishing it! I like the way I feel when its complete, I like that I'm getting faster.'"


~Thank you for giving Caleb something he can be proud of! 

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