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Summer STEM & Community Education

Spring 2019 Rubik's Club information:

Roseville Community Education is offering a spring cubing program. Click the link for more information. -> EDW Cubing <-

Code N' Cube Summer 2019: Roseville Rubik's & Robotics is in the planning stages for June of 2019. Participants will build a Rubik's Cube solving robot alongside learning how to solve Rubik's Cube. Here is a link to the resource we will be using to accomplish this:

Click the link for more information. -> CodeNCubeSummer <-


(Dreams do come true: Previous Post in 2017: Cubing Enrichment Opportunities would like to increase cubers and non-cubers' interest and knowledge in robotics and programming. Students in these programs will write code to make apps, websites, and software to make games and programs having to do with cubing. Students will also explore robotics and build a Rubik's Cube solving robot. These programs will take place over the summer and through community education programs.)

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